Henry Houck

HenryHouckRSHenry Houck Elementary School is located at 315 East Lehman Street proudly serving 4 year-old kindergarten through 5th grade students in our neighborhood. At Henry Houck, student achievement is our goal. Our number one indicator is for all of our students to have the opportunity for college when they graduate.

100% of our professional staff are highly qualified and our teachers are experienced. Over 70% of our professional employees have achieved permanent certification.

Our school curriculum strives to meet the Pennsylvania academic standards in all content areas.  Our 2014 Building Level Academic Score is a 83.9. In 2014, Henry Houck growth scores in math were met in Mathematics significant with 100%. Our fifth graders met the writing growth expectation at 97% with significant growth. Henry Houck PSSA reading scores show evidence that Henry Houck made moderate growth in Reading and Literature with 83%. Our 4th Graders showed 84% growth on the Science PSSA Test. A truly excellent effort by all!

We depend on research-based curriculum to be sure we properly address student needs and align with state standards in reading, writing and math. Students have 120 minutes of instruction in reading and 60 minutes of instruction in math daily.

henry_aboutusOur reading program Scott Foresman, Reading Street provides explicit, systematic, high quality instruction focusing on the five critical elements of reading that have been identified by research: Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. The foundation of the program supports all learners as they work toward end-of-year goals.

We use the Scott Foresman math curriculum in grades K-5 to fifth. Our mathematics instruction uses a standard driven approach with continual practice and ongoing assessments. In addition, the use of manipulatives has shown great benefits in leading our students to proficiency in math. The rich math vocabulary and word problems lead to improving literacy skills.

Henry Houck has implemented the district assessment system, which tests all students in grades K thru five in reading and mathematics and grades one thru 5 in writing. We analyze test scores, both standardized and district assessments, and respond to the student needs for future instruction. Extended learning opportunities are provided for children struggling to meet the standards. Interventions, Summer School, small group and individual tutoring all provide additional literacy opportunities. Special education services are available to students identified as needing them. Ongoing staff development prepares staff members to meet these needs.

Art, music, physical education and library classes, taught by specialists, provide children with training and opportunities for creative thinking, fitness and reading for pleasure — all life long goals.

Daily computer based instruction, both software – and internet-based, are an integral part of our program. Our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards in grades 1-5 for interactive learning opportunities.

We have a safety committee to address needs including building-wide behavior management plans. Our approach is one of working to develop assets in our children – the more assets they have in their lives, the less likely they are to engage in negative behavior. The district level committee includes members of the community like the Chief of Police, the Mayor and the Fire Commissioner.

Henry Houck PFO is a very supportive group, which promotes learning by supporting field trips, fundraisers, student incentives, programs and activities. All parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Parent representatives also serve on district wide committees that meet with district personnel.

Henry Houck parents also serve as volunteers and student mentors in cooperation with a district wide parental involvement program.

At Henry Houck there is a true sense of pride, commitment, and community in providing the best learning environment possible.

Mr. Pedro Cruz