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Visiting Team Information

Water for Visiting Schools

Water will be provided for all High School boys & girls volleyball, boys & girls basketball games, and wrestling matches.  WATER BOTTLES AND CUPS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR VISITING TEAMS.  Water will be provided for all teams participating in basketball, volleyball and wrestling tournaments conducted by Lebanon High School Athletics.  All other teams visiting Lebanon High School should bring their own coolers filled with water and drinking vessels.  Cups will not be provided for outdoor contests.

Ice for Visiting Schools

Ice will be readily available for all High School boys and girls Volleyball, Basketball and Wrestling during in season play, tournaments, and post season play.  All other teams visiting Lebanon School District should bring their own ice cooler filled with ice and ice bags.  Due to many events being held off campus ice may not always be available

Medical Treatments

Routine tapings should be done by the student athletes’ athletic trainer prior to departure.  Routine tapings not done by student athletes athletic trainer will be done provided all taping supplies are sent with the student athletes who need to be taped and I have received prior notice.  Student athletes with injuries that still appear to be in the acute phase of injury will not be taped without prior direction from the visiting school’s athletic trainer.  It is requested that that contact is made no less than 24 hours prior to the event. Treatment will only be given if the visiting school’s athletic training staff or coaching staff contact the athletic training staff no less than 24 hours prior to the event.

Emergency Care

All student athletes who suffer an injury requiring emergency medical care will be tended to by the athletic training staff.  We will communicate with the EMS crews and verify the hospital and method of transport and provide directions to that hospital for a member of your staff, and the student’s parents.

Visiting Licensed Athletic Trainers

Visiting Athletic Trainers who are licensed will have full access to our facility with prior the event. Please inform me prior to the event that you will be traveling with your team.


For a complete list and location of our athletic venues, please click on Venues


Please contact me ahead of time if your team did not remember water and/or wate

bottles, ice or athletes need to be taped, wrapped or other medical treatments

at or (717) 443-8031