Section 400: Professional Employees

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Policy 401: Creating a Position
Policy 404: Employment of Professional Employees
Policy 405: Employment of Substitute Professional Employees
Policy 406: Employment of Summer Educational Program Staff
Policy 407: Student Teachers
Policy 408: Employment Contract
Policy 409: Assignment and Transfer
Policy 410: Abolishing a Position
Policy 411: Suspensions and Furloughs
Policy 412: Evaluation of Professional Employees
Policy 413: Evaluation of Temporary Professional Employees
Policy 414: Physical Examination
Policy 415: Disqualification by Reason of Health
Policy 416: Nontenured Staff Members
Policy 417: Disciplinary Procedures
Policy 417.1: Educator Misconduct
Policy 419: Outside Activities
Policy 420: Freedom of Speech in Non-instructional Settings
Policy 421: Political Activities
Policy 422: Gifts
Policy 423: Smoking
Policy 424: Personnel Files
Policy 425: Dress and Grooming
Policy 426: Complaint Policy
Policy 428: Salary and Benefit Determination
Policy 431: Job Related Expenses
Policy 432: Working Periods
Policy 433: Professional Growth Guidelines
Policy 434: Sick Leave
Policy 435: Anticipated Disability
Policy 439: Uncompensated Leave
Policy 440: Family and Medical Leave
Policy 441: Responsibility of Staff for Student Welfare
Policy 442: Jury Duty
Policy 446: Workers’ Compensation
Policy 448: Sexual Harassment
Policy 451: Drug and Substance Abuse for Professional Employees