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Cedar Foundation

The Cedar Foundation is guided by our volunteer Board members.  They are:

Ms. Megan Bergonzi, President
Mr. Michael Kuhn, Interim V-President

Mr. Matt Hershey
Mr. Robert P. Hoffman
Mr. Mike Kuhn
Mrs. Sherie Strohman
Mr. John Tice
Dr. Jeffrey Yocum

Arthur Abrom, Ed.D., Ex-Officio

Mary Harrell, Secretary

Our Mission

The Cedar Foundation is the 501c (3) educational foundation of the Lebanon School District. Our mission is to provide the financial resources necessary to stimulate innovative programs in the classroom, provide the means to realize post-secondary educational options and provide a link to our community, so that our children experience the opportunity to achieve educational excellence.

In the last few years, the Cedar Foundation has partnered and supported many initiatives. These initiatives include partnering with the Land Development Committee to help raise the financial resources needed to develop new athletic fields, which continues to be an important and on-going project; provided students with financial support to attend summer programs such as People to People and Voices United; and provide financial assistance to graduating seniors through the presentation of various scholarships.

Giving the Gift of Learning

Monetary donations help us to provide students and staff with the experiences and equipment they need to create innovate environments, learn and grow. Donations can be designated for just about any purpose – equipment, instruments, books, or dedicated to an individual school or subject!

Did you know that your contribution to the Cedar Foundation is tax-deductible? Upon receipt of your donation, the Cedar Foundation will acknowledge your gift by sending our thanks as a receipt that you should keep on-hand for tax preparation purposes.

If you will be donating an item to the Foundation, such as an instrument, equipment or apparel, we will have the item appraised, and we will send you a receipt based on the appraisal value.

Donate Today

With so many ways to show your support of our students, isn’t it time you made a donation to the Cedar Foundation?  Donation can be made by mail, or in person at the Lebanon School District, district office. Download our donation form from the bottom of this page for more information, or call our office at (717) 273-9391 and ask for the Cedar Foundation coordinator. Show your Cedar Pride by supporting our students today!

Cedar Foundation Donation Form

Donations may be mailed to:
Cedar Foundation
1000 South Eighth Street
Lebanon, PA 17042

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program

The EITC program was established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2001.  This program awards tax credits to businesses that make contributions to educational improvement organizations such as the Cedar Foundation.  These tax credits may be applied against certain categories of state business taxes.  The tax credit equals 75% to 90% of the contribution amount.

The Cedar Foundation wishes to thank the following businesses that made EITC donations for the 2020-2021 School Year:
First National Bank of Pennsylvania (thank you for our 15-year relationship)
Nutrition Group
Weis Markets
First Citizens Community Bank
Fulton Bank

For more information about giving an EITC gift to the Foundation, contact Mary Harrell:

Lifetime Achievement Award

2014 – Robert P. Hoffman, Class of 1964 – Mr. Hoffman was the architect who designed our high school atrium.  Bob is a true CEDAR!!

Distinguished Alumni

2006 – David J. “Chip” Brightbill, Class of 1960
2007 – Dr. Ignacio Birriel, Class of 1979
2008 – Dean M. Kline, Class of 1977
2009 – Brad Szollose, Class of 1981
2010 – Anita Patton O’Connor, Class of 1977
2011 – Dr. Charles Hoopes, Class of 1973
2012 – George Franklin Feeman, Class of 1947
2013 – Robert K. Bowman, Sr., Class of 1946
2013 – Edward H. Arnold, Sr., Class of 1957
2014 – Ruth Anne Brown Zimmerman, Class of 1947
2014 – Dennis L. Shalters, Class of 1962
2015 – Bernerd A. Buzgon, Class of 1955
2015 – Jared Odrick, Class of 2006
2016 – Emily Simone, RN, BSN, Class of 2002
2016 – James A. Erdman, II, Class of 1956
2017 – Erin McDonald Hamrick, Class of 1978
2017 – Thomas Strohman, Class of 1970
2018 – Kenneth L. Wolfe, Class of 1957
2018 – Judge John Walter, Class of 1949
2019 – Judith Ann Bamberger, Ph.D., P.E., Class of 1970
2019 – George E. Christianson, Esquire, Class of 1953

Grants Awarded

List of Awards


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