Lebanon School District provides several passenger vans for use by the staff on school business. These vans are assigned on a first come/first served basis. Scheduling a van can be accomplished by contacting the receptionist in the District Office. No food or drink is allowed in the vehicles. Trash should be removed from the van upon return. Windows and doors should all be closed.  Vans should be parked in their designated spots located next to the Buildings & Grounds building.

DO NOT for any reason overload the vans.  There is a potential for serious injury when this occurs.  Each van has a placard indicating how many people the van will accommodate.

Staff should complete the vehicle inspection form and return it with the keys into the key drop box located outside the door of the Buildings & Grounds building after hours. Keys should be returned to the District Office Receptionist during school hours.  The Spotted Lanternfly inspections noted on the vehicle inspection form need to be completed between April 15th and November 15th.  It is not necessary to complete this portion during the winter months.

District vehicles are to be used for authorized District business only. Please be mindful of obeying all traffic laws.  If you are pulled over and receive a citation, you will be responsible for payment.

There is a road kit, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher in each van.


The Department of Agriculture has issued a Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) Quarantine.  Because our district is in the quarantine area, we must comply with newly mandated regulations to try to limit this invasive insect.

Before you are permitted to drive a district vehicle, you must review the Spotted Lanternfly Training Materials (see link below),  and contact Buildings & Grounds with any questions.  When you have reviewed the information, and feel comfortable that you understand your responsibility as a district employee to:  1.    Avoid the SLF, 2.    Inspect District Vehicles for the SLF, 3.    Identify the SLF at all stages, 4.    Destroy the SLF, 5.    Report Sightings of SLF to Dept. of Ag., then please complete the Spotted Lanternfly Training Form and send it to Kathryn Minnich at kminnich@lebanon.k12.pa.us in Buildings & Grounds.

Required Forms and Training Materials:  Spotted Lanternfly Training Materials; Spotted Lanternfly Training Form


All clock requests not pertaining to the Middle School should go to technology. Middle School requests should go through Buildings & Grounds.  These requests should come in the form of a web helpdesk ticket.


Lebanon School District takes pride in displaying student work.  In an effort to help schools, display student work we have installed map rails in hallways of some school buildings. Map rails are extremely expensive and labor intensive to install.  Please contact your principal to request a map rail.