Environmental Concerns


INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT:  Lebanon School District utilizes integrated pest management.  Should you notice pests in your building, report the sighting to a custodian.  If you are able to catch it, you should, for identification purposes.  Give specific information so it may be entered in the pest-sighting logbook.

You may also reference your Crisis Response Manual for proper protocol.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association have jointly developed a program for pest management in schools that they call “integrated pest management” (IPM). IPM regulations provide strict guidelines on the use of pesticides.  The Lebanon School Board of Directors has adopted the IPM guidelines as the manner in which we are to handle pests in our district.

IPM is a common sense method for controlling pests by using the least hazardous approach. The use of pesticides is limited and only used as a last resort. Preferred methods to control pests include such things as eliminating food sources by sealing food in tight containers and removing food from areas where it is not needed.  Another way to control pests is to seal the building through the use of caulking and wire mesh to prevent the entry of mice or bugs from the outside.

We will not be applying pesticides in occupied areas.  All applications of pesticides and herbicides will be made by licensed applicators. Treated areas will be posted at least three days before and two days after the application. You can find more information on IPM at the website: www.http://paipm.cas.psu.edu

CLEANING PRODUCTS:  Lebanon School District staff who would like general purpose cleaner to use in their office or classroom should submit a web helpdesk ticket.   Staff should remember that the district is required to maintain safety data sheets, and should not bring products from home. Chemicals from home could react adversely with our chemicals.  If you bring a chemical from home, you will be asked to remove it.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY:  Lebanon School District ensures the safety of all staff and students district-wide by regularly cleaning and maintaining our ventilation and air conditioning filters and coils.  We have also started using three-dimensional filter materials in our HVAC equipment, which is treated with an anti-microbial agent.  We have minimized the use of dry mops in our cleaning program and have moved to the use of vacuum cleaners with four levels of filtration to eliminate airborne dust. We have also maximized the use of auto scrubbers for the same reason.  If staff has air quality concerns, they should inform their building principal and contact Buildings & Grounds at ext. #6732.  The use of indoor air fresheners (i.e. glade plug-ins, wax melts, etc.) is prohibited. If you bring these items in, you will be asked to remove them.

FIRE SAFETY AND EVACUATION DRILLS:  Lebanon School District works directly with the Lebanon Fire Department to ensure that fire personnel are able to respond efficiently in the event of an emergency.  The district also regularly maintains all fire equipment.

RECYCLING & TRASH: Lebanon School District has established a single stream recycling program.  Custodial staff will inspect the contents of your recycling and determine if it is clean or contaminated.  If it is contaminated, it will be dumped in the trash-collecting bag.  District recycling containers should not be utilized for other purposes.

As a recycling teaching tool, each elementary classroom will have a recycling chart, which will be maintained by a building custodial staff member.  A happy face would indicate that your recycling was clean, and a frowny face would indicate that your recycling was contaminated.  Please communicate with your custodial staff if you have recycling questions.

Anything on, around, or near the trash will be disposed of daily. We will provide two trashcans for your classroom; one beside the teacher’s desk, and one located by the door (next to the recycling can). The only exceptions will be science and consumer science.

Recycling and trash containers should be visible and located close to the door in each classroom.  The custodial staff will empty them regularly.  Cans not located near the doorway are liable to be missed by substitute custodians.

Our custodial staff will dispose of items that appear to be trash, that is left in the hallway at the end of the day.

WEATHER RELATED:  Lebanon School District Buildings & Grounds staff works diligently to ensure the safety of all staff and students during inclement weather and snow delays.  If District staff arrives at work before the parking lot is clear, they should park in an area that is already plowed, even if it is not their assigned parking spot.  It is also recommended that staff and students take precautions by wearing appropriate footwear, to avoid accidents and or injury.

The District’s typical snow removal procedure is to begin at the High School and Middle School facilities first in order to get them ready to receive students and staff. Elementary facilities are addressed next, followed by other instructional or support facilities.

If schools and offices are closed, please do not report to work as the Buildings & Grounds department is working to make the grounds safe and passable.

WATER TESTING:  Lebanon School District tests water annually to ensure that our water is safe for consumption.  For lead in water testing results, please contact the Buildings & Grounds office.