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Curriculum & Instruction


Welcome to the Lebanon School District Division of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.  Our number one indicator of student achievement is for all our students to have the opportunity for college when they graduate.  In order to achieve this goal we provide on-going professional development for our staff covering curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are aligned with the Pennsylvania Standards and the National Common Core Standards. We have a very dedicated staff that we are proud to say are all highly qualified. Together with our administrative team, we plan to prepare our students for the 21st century increasing our use of technology with our delivery of instruction.

Mr. Mike Murphy
Assistant to the Superintendent for
Assessment and Accountability

Mrs. Gina Worcester
Administrative Assistant
(717) 270-6825

Curriculum & Instruction:

Curriculum is more than the courses of instruction that we offer in our schools.  Our Curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania Standards. The standards are designed to help students fulfill grade level progress as they progress towards graduation. The Lebanon School District has created various options for our students as they matriculate through the curriculum.  We offer content courses in the traditional classroom setting, Blended-Schools instruction (a combination of traditional classes and computer-based instruction), advanced placement courses, dual enrollment with local colleges, and virtual instruction.

How we support and develop student learning is outlined by Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System (SAS) which includes clear standards, fair assessments, a focused curriculum framework, best-practices for instruction, appropriate materials and resources, and planned interventions. When we speak of a Standards Aligned System, we are focusing our efforts with the central focus of Student Achievement.  To read more on the Standards Aligned System visit the Department of Education’s website by selecting this link.

The Lebanon School District has a group of teachers that work with Curriculum Coordinators and myself, the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to design our curriculum to match the National Common Core Standards.  As we progress through our updates, our curriculum will be available on this website. Until then, you may contact me at 273-9391 or ask to speak to the department chairperson for the particular content area.


Topping, Luke Art (K-12)
Dornes, Andrew Business (7-12)
Boris, Bobbi Communications (6-8)
Newswanger, Kelly Communications (9-12)
Ohl, Debra ELD (9-12)
Sable,  Priscilla, Williams, Jessa ELD (6-8)
Foster, Rachel ELD (K5)
Liedtka, Karl Guidance Supervisor (K-12)
Henning, Antoinette Health Services (K-12)
McCarty, Patrick Industrial Technology
Kidron, Susan Library (K-12)
Speraw, Daniel Mathematics (9-12)
Wasakoski, Mark Mathematics (6-8)
McGrory, Colin/Naimoli, Mark Music (K-12)
Thomson, Rebecca Physical Education (K-12)
Hunter, Amy, Dembrosky, Charles Science (6-8)
Bensing, Kyle Science (9-12)
Moore, Carolina Social Studies (6-8)
Grove, Timothy Social Studies (9-12)
Strauser, Rachel Special Education (9-12)
Miller, Emily Special Education (6-8)
Clemens, Kirsten Speech (K-12)
Prados, Eveira World Languages (9-12)
Garver, Jennifer School Psychologist Coordinator

Lebanon-SD_Comprehensive-Plan_11-30-2016.docCOMPREHENSIVE PLAN


In order to achieve our goal for all students to be prepared for the opportunity to attend college when they graduate, the district and its school teams use data-driven practices to guide instruction. The district uses results from the PSSA, DIBELS NEXT, and classroom-based assessments to monitor the progress of its students. Instructional intervention is planned at all levels to provide additional support of classroom instruction.

When a student continues to struggle to make academic or social/emotional growth, they may be referred for additional testing through the Multi-disciplinary Evaluation Process.  Because this is an individual Assessment, parent permission is sought out. Parents may also request this evaluation in writing to the building principal. Please refer to the link for the Special Education Division for more detailed information about the referral process. Our school psychologists work closely with parents, students, and school teams to gather all relevant data to determine the needs of the student. It is the goal of the psychologists to assist the school teams in developing a clear understanding of the student’s learning and to improve student achievement.

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The attached link is from the Department of Education and reports academic achievement by school and the district.
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