Leadership Team


District Office:
Arthur W. C. Abrom, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
Chris Danz, Ed.D., Ass’t to the Superintendent for HR & Pupil Services
Mr. Michael Murphy, Ass’t to the Superintendent for C & I and Assessment
Mr. Joshua Coatsworth, Director of Special Education
Mr. Curtis Richards, Business Manager
Mrs. Amber Abreu, Director of ELD
Mr. Shawn Canady, Chief Information Officer
Mr. Brian Hartman, Director of Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Mike Reager, Principal, Harding
Mr. Nick Bullock, Asst. Principal, Harding
Mr. Pedro Cruz, Principal, Henry Houck
Mr. Neil Young, Principal, Northwest
Mrs. Jennifer Nordall, Asst. Principal, Northwest
Mr. Michael Habecker, Principal, Southeast
Mr. Craig Coletti, Principal, Southwest
Ms. Staci O’Byle, Asst. Principal, SE/SW

Middle School:
Mrs. Dawn Connelly, Principal
Mr. Corey Wenger, Asst. Principal
Mr. Carlos Sanchez, Asst. Principal
Mr. Dan Rau, Asst. Principal

High School:
Mr. William Giovino, Principal, High School
Mr. Robert Nordall, Asst. Principal
Mr. Dave Bentz, Asst. Principal
Mr. Sam Elias, Director of Athletics

Curriculum Coordinators:

Name Position
Topping, Luke Art (K-12)
Dornes, Andrew Business (7-12)
Lucas, Molly/Boris, Bobbi Communications (6-8)
Newswanger, Kelly Communications (9-12)
Agnew-Karcheski, Leahn ELD (9-12)
TBD ELD (6-8)
Henning, Antoinette Health Services (K-12)
Caci, William Industrial Technology
Kidron, Susan Library (K-12)
Speraw, Daniel Mathematics (9-12)
Cabrera, Jessica Mathematics (6-8)
Copenhaver, John Music (K-12)
Johnston, Terese Physical Education (K-12)
Lucas, Aaron Science (6-8)
Bensing, Kyle Science (9-12)
Moore, Carolina Social Studies (6-8)
Grove, Timothy Social Studies (9-12)
TBD Special Education (9-12)
Evans, Jessica Special Education (6-8)
Keaton, Elizabeth Speech (K-12)
Zipp-Trate, Jill World Languages (9-12)
Garver, Jennifer School Psychologist Coordinator

Mary A. Harrell, Board Secretary
Robert K. Bowman, Jr., School Police Officer
Steve Collins, School Police Officer

For more information call Mary A. Harrell, Board Secretary at 717-270-6711.