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PUBLIC NOTICE – Special Education Plan 

Lebanon School District – Special Education Plan – 2020-2023

Welcome to the Lebanon School District Department of Special Education. The primary goal of our department is to address each student as an individual with unique strengths and needs. Through the identification, re-evaluation, and IEP planning process, we strive to address these strengths and needs to provide opportunities for success academically, socially, and vocationally. Rather than focusing on students’ differences, we aim to include every student as an equal member of the Lebanon School District. We welcome and encourage all students to participate in all the activities our schools offer including clubs, student government, instrumental and vocal music, social activities, athletics, theatre, community service, and, of course, academics. Most importantly, we invite parents and guardians to be an active part of their child’s IEP team. A strong bond of cooperation and communication between the school, parents, and community is essential to maintain student motivation and success. On the following pages, you will find staff names and assignments. Please feel free to communicate with us regularly to keep everyone in touch and/or to schedule a visit to school.

Joshua Coatsworth
Director of Special Education

Jessica Evans
Special Education Supervisor


Betty Miller
Special Education Supervisor

Jan Wilson
Administrative Assistant

Professional Staff

Elementary Teachers Building Support Grades
Amanda Quinn Northwest Supplemental Learning Support K-3
Tammy Conners Southwest Itinerant Learning Support K-5
Julie Blouch District Gifted Support K-5
Kadie Dasher Northwest Supplemental Learning Support 4-5
Kyra Hackman Harding Itinerant Learning Support K-5
Chris Fairbanks Harding Full-time Emotional Support 3-5
Danielle Palardy Harding Full-time Emotional Support K-2
Alyssa Clemens Southeast Itinerant Learning Support K-5
Joelle Hurst Henry Houck Full-time Life Skills Support 3-5
Jacob Bucy Henry Houck Itinerant Learning Support K-5
Heather Shanfelder Henry Houck Full-time Life Skills Support K-2
Kerri Snook Northwest Itinerant Learning Support K-5
Danielle Martin Northwest Full-time Autistic Support K-2
Danielle Truax Northwest Full-time Autistic Support 3-5
Michelle Ingram Northwest Supplemental Learning Support 3-5
Middle School Teachers Building Support Grades
Alicia Moyer LMS Autistic Support 6-8
Kathryn Marinkov LMS Supplemental Learning Support 7
Amy Godshall LMS Itinerant Learning Support 8
Emily Miller LMS Full-time Life Skills Support 6-8
Mike McGuigan LMS Supplemental Learning Support 6
Nate Myers LMS FT/Supp Emotional Support 6-8
Nathan Luckenbill LMS Supplemental Learning Support 8
Erin Smith LMS FT/Supp Emotional Support 6-8
Paula Dougherty LMS Itinerant Learning Support 7
Ryan  Johnson LMS Itinerant Learning Support 6
High School Teachers Building Support Grades
Patty Leonard LHS Supplemental Learning Support 9-12
Megan Brown LHS Full-time Life Skills Support 9-12
Tara Maya LHS Itinerant Learning Support 9-12
Andre Dyer LHS Full-time Emotional Support 9-12
Elizabeth Heckard LHS Full-time Life Skills 9-12
Colleen Shay LHS Supplemental Emotional Support 9-12
Sara Martin LHS Supplemental Learning Support 9-12
Marci Soliday LHS Itinerant Learning Support 9-12
Glenda Peiffer LHS Supplemental Learning Support 9-12
Chloe Skylakon LHS Itinerant Learning Support 9-12
Rachel Strauser LHS Supplemental Learning Support 9-12
Speech Pathologists Building Support Grades
Courtney Light LHS and LMS Speech and Language Pathologist K-5
Beth Keaton Harding Speech and Language Pathologist K-5
Lucille Wakefield Southeast and Southwest Speech and Language Pathologist K-5
Kirsten Clemens LMS and LHS Speech and Language Pathologist 6-12
Erica Watson Northwest Speech and Language Pathologist K-5
Samantha Sadd Henry Houck and LMS Speech and Language Pathologist K-8
District Staff Support
Melanie Bennetch Occupational Therapist
Laura Creek Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Krista Andes Social Worker
Daniel Gruber Transition Coordinator
School Psychologists Building
Ben Andrews Northwest and Southwest
Adrian Basnight Henry Houck and LHS
Jennifer Garver LMS and Southeast
Kirsten Hurley LMS and Harding

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