The Lebanon School District has made a significant investment in technology for student and staff use. It is our belief that the proper integration of technology can significantly engage students and positively enhance student learning. The majority of the district classrooms are equipped with modern teaching stations that incorporate a mounted multimedia projector, a SMART brand interactive whiteboard, and an integrated sound system. In addition, classrooms also leverage Internet Technology to connect students and staff to web based information, resources, and programs. Mechanisms are in place that allows access to learning materials from home. We are quickly approaching a district level “anytime, anywhere learning model” for our students.

Lebanon School District Deploys Google Apps for Education across all grade levels. This is a free program, which allows students and staff to create, store, share, and collaborate using Google tools. Students are provided with a district email account to allow student work to easily be transferred between students and teachers without the need for printing.   The Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology is used in Grades 6 through 12.   This LMS has enabled the creation of a dynamic digital ecosystem that provides everything students, parents, and teachers need to communicate, share, and collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device! This collaboration has positively impacted communication between all of our district’s stakeholders.

The District’s state and nationally recognized Hybrid Learning program is moving into its 3rd year.   Our teachers are using a research based educational model that is having a positive influence on student engagement, performance and, achievement.   This program was implemented to maximize the impact of our high school 1:1 program. We currently issue an iPad Air2 to our students in grades 9 to 12. This device, combined with Schoology and our Hybrid Learning model, allows us to offer increased learning opportunities to our students anytime, anywhere. The program  expanded to our district’s 8th grade students in the fall of 2015.   We are exited to see the expansion of a program that has offered our students the ability to produce high quality academic work.

Computer Services Team:

Shawn Canady
Chief Information Officer
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Dustin Nikles
Director of Technology
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Linda Moore
Student Data Manager
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

System Administrator
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Shawn Bowman
Network Engineer
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Scott Fake
Technology Associate
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Al Geesey
Technology Associate
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Casey Ebling
Technology Associate
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Amanda Kneasel
Technology Services Administrative Assistant
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870

Amy O’Byle
Coordinator of the Lebanon Virtual Academy
(717) 273 -9391 ext.1621

Alexandra Vazquez
Program Assistant for the Lebanon Virtual Academy
(717) 273 -9391 ext.6856

Dan Rau
Technology Integration Specialist – Middle School
(717) 273 – 9391

Zach Musser
Technology Integration Specialist – High School / Middle School
(717) 273 – 9391 ext. 6870





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