Forms and Agreements

Mobile Learning

High School iPad Loan Agreement

Middle School iPad Loan Agreement 

Elementary Mobile Learning Agreement

COPPA Children’s Online Protection and Privacy ACT

Student AUP

2020 -21 Damage or Loss Fees:


Power Brick iPad  ($15)  _____   Cable iPad ($15)______   Screen Damage iPad ($75)  _____

 Full Replacement ($289) _____   Case ($25)  _____   


Power Adapter CB ($25.00) _____  Key Board Damage ($95) _____ Screen Damage Chromebook ($35.00) _____

Full Replacement ($289) _____    Bag  ($25) _____

Home Internet Filtering:

The following links provide information that can be used to provide content and access filtering to your home network.
Comcast Infinity
Verizon Fios