Frequently Asked Questions

Title I Frequently Asked Questions

How do students and parents obtain Title I services?  Every student in our elementary schools is given a short assessment at the beginning of the school year to determine if they are reading at grade level.  Those students who are behind their peers are recommended for services.

What do Title I services look like?  If your child is enrolled in Title I services he or she will receive additional instruction through a variety of methods.  Some students receive supplemental reading instruction in a small group separate from their class.  Others are given extra attention in their regular classroom while many students also complete reading support work through computer-based programs.

Does Title I take the place of a special education IEP?  No, if your child has an IEP and is identified as needing Title I services these are offered in conjunction with services provided by the IEP.

Does my child participate in Title I every year?  The goal of the Title I program is to get every student to a level in their literacy development that is at their grade and age.  We assess students throughout the school year and once they attain grade level status in their skills they can be exited from the program.

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