Henry Houck Counseling

“Educating the mind without educating the heart
is no education at all.”  

Welcome to Henry Houck Elementary School’s counseling webpage!  The mission of the school counseling program at Henry Houck is to establish positive relationships with all students and families that foster resiliency and promote responsible decision-making.  Through guidance curriculum, responsive services such as individual and small group counseling, and collaboration with staff, families, and involved agencies, students will develop mindsets and behaviors that enable them to become responsible citizens.  

Hi, my name is Beth Shaughnessy and it is my privilege to be the school counselor at Henry Houck Elementary School.  I have been the counselor here since 2006.  I love working with elementary-aged children because I see an opportunity to teach ethical decision-making and to encourage students to develop a value system based on respect for everyone. As Aristotle suggested, educating one’s heart is as essential as educating one’s mind; this is a truth I strive to live out each day at Henry Houck.


Life at Henry Houck

Please remember to always provide a written excuse when your child is absent from school!  You have 3 school days to provide a note.  If we do not receive an excuse, unfortunately that absence will become “unlawful”.  You will receive a letter from Mr. Cruz when your child has 1 and 3 unlawful days.  Also, following the third unlawful, I am required to meet with you and/or your child to develop a Student Attendance Improvement Plan.  This is a document that requires parent signature.  You will be notified by me if I need to complete this paperwork with your child.  If you have any questions about attendance, don’t hesitate to contact me or our school’s truancy officer Steve Collins at 273-9391 x2514.

School Attendance is important, even at the elementary level.  Research suggests that students who are chronically absent in kindergarten consistently score lower on reading tests in 3rd grade than students who had good attendance in kindergarten.  Specifically, the Baltimore Education Research Consortium found that students with low attendance in both PreK and K often continue to have low attendance, are more likely to be retained by grade 3, and on average have lower academic outcomes than peers with better attendance.  Data collected by the California Office of Attorney General says that 83% of students who are chronically absent in K5 and 1st grade are unable to read on grade level by 3rd grade.  Additionally, students who cannot read on grade level by 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school than kids who can.  These results are astounding and really show the significance that good attendance – even at ages 4 & 5 – has on one’s education and future!

Career Week is a very important part of our district’s commitment to helping students discover their spark – or passion – when it comes to future career.  Typically, Career Week is held at Henry Houck in February and I am always looking for speakers to come in and share with our students about their job.  If you are interested in participating in Career Week, or just finding out more information, please contact me!  We LOVE having parents speak to our students about careers!


Keep Calm


For more information or assistance of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me!

717-273-9391 x4518