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Academic Excellence

Welcome to the Lebanon High School! We look forward to another exciting school year of strong academics, athletics, a great music program, and student activities. It is our hope that our students pursue academic excellence and become involved in co-curricular activities. Lebanon High School is a beautiful campus with state of the art technology. We have a dedicated faculty and we offer a wide variety of courses to satisfy the academic interests of all students. Our goal is to provide a quality education for all students so that, as citizens, they can successfully meet the challenges and responsibilities that they will be faced with in the future.

About Lebanon High School

Lebanon High School is committed to creating and sustaining an atmosphere of excellence in all aspects of learning. The administration and teaching staff believes in nurturing life long learners through a well-balanced and integrated curriculum emphasizing the importance of adapting to an ever-changing world. Lebanon High School has a total of one thousand fifty-seven students, 56% of our students come from low income families, 2% are Asian/Pacific Islanders, 6% are Black (Non – Hispanic), 38% are Hispanic, and 54% are White (Non – Hispanic). There are a total of one hundred three staff members, which includes support staff. Seventy-four are highly qualified teachers.

Staff and administration have developed an improvement plan that incorporates strategies, professional development and relies on scientifically based research that will strengthen the learning of core academic subjects.

Instructional Staff

No Child Left Behind outlines that all teachers of core academic subjects are highly qualified. Of our professional staff, 65% hold a Bachelor’s degree, 38% hold a Master’s degree and 2% are on an emergency certificate. Teachers on emergency certification are quality staff members who are involved in staff development programs, induction programs and are mentored by experienced teachers.

Staff development is ongoing at Lebanon High School. Professional development opportunities for teachers and administration are provided to strengthen knowledge. During the 2005-2006 school year staff will have development programs in Learning Focused Schools, anchors, assessments, differentiated instruction, and strategic instruction. Lebanon School District is committed to providing meaningful staff development opportunities that will help enable the staff to align instruction and assessments with the Pennsylvania State Standards.

Our school newspaper, The Cedar Times, features various levels of writers from Honors students to remedial. Their focus is on club activities, athletic events, pep assemblies, band competitions, student experiences, plays and musicals, choir performances, and school issues. The students’ job is to present the news in a formal, professional way in order to engage the student body. The newspaper has reached the 21st Century, and is now available online at http://thelebanoncedartimes.wordpress.com/ . (Advisor-Megan Heefner)

The National Honor Society includes juniors and seniors. NHS participates in community service like Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, and various other projects to help out the school and surrounding community. In addition, they have started tutoring students of LHS after school, and fundraise in order to donate materials to the school. Lebanon High School’s NHS was founded in 1961. (Co-Advisors: Danielle Marker and Zach Musser)

Student Involvement

In 2006, Lebanon High School students have earned nearly quarter million dollars in competing for national, state, county, and Lebanon High School awards. The following percentages are a break down of students representing the class of 2006 attending post secondary education:

64% of all students attended some form of post-secondary education
68% of all minority students attended some form of post-secondary education
57% of all low-income students attended post-secondary education

Parent Involvement

The Lebanon School District believes it is critical for family, school, and community members to work cooperatively so that our students achieve success, as well as social and economic well-being. A cooperative relationship between home and school is essential to each student’s successful development and achievement. The Lebanon School District has analyzed surveys that have been sent to parents to learn more about our families. Results from our high school surveys enables us to develop action plans to meet the needs of our families.

Athletic and Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Athletic Department Mission Statement:
The Lebanon Athletic Department is dedicated to fostering achievement and excellence in our young people in academics, athletics and life. We are, therefore committed to developing the character, ability and sportsmanship of each individual student/athlete.

The Lebanon School District supports and maintains a combined total of thirty-one varsity, junior varsity, freshman and 7/8 grade athletic programs and forty-five clubs and activities. The primary purpose of these programs is to meet those school-related interests and needs of all students that are not provided for by the curricular program of the school. All students within the Lebanon School District are well aware that these programs are available to them throughout their high school career. The activities program refers to clubs, classes, intramurals, fine arts and interscholastic programs.

The following is a list of objectives for the activities for all students:

  1. Help all students to learn to use their leisure time more wisely.
  2. Help all students to increase and use constructively their unique talents and skills.
  3. Help all students increase their knowledge of and skills in functioning as leaders and as members of a group or team.
  4. Help all students develop a more realistic and positive attitude toward themselves and others.

Coaches and Professional Staff
Our coaches and professional staff are aware of the individual needs of our youth as well as the social implications of being able to work as a member of a team. Students are given the opportunity through extensive training, excellent equipment and great coaching to reach their maximum potential both on and off the athletic field or the activity they are involved in. The ultimate goal of our coaches and professional staff is to produce young men and woman who have the desire and capacity to be successful citizens in our highly competitive society. The coaches and professional staff in the Lebanon School District are committed to achieve this goal. We don’t gauge the success of our programs solely on wins and losses. The success of our athletic programs and student activities is how our staff connects with our student body, regardless of language. For example, student/athletes on our 2003 track team spoke ten different languages, fluently. This is just one example of the commitment of our staff to recruit and encourage the participation of all students in the Lebanon School District.