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Proposed Preliminary 2021.2022 Budget

Please visit our Budget page to review the document and other Budget documentation

Child Registration

Child Registration Link will be down for Maintenance on Thursday April 8th form 8:00 AM until Aprox. 8:00 PM.

New Child Registration – Please use the Child Registration link to begin the enrollment process for new students in the Lebanon School District.

Covid-19 Resources and Information

The information available regarding  COVID-19 is available on our Resource page.  Read more information at Lebanon School District Opening of School and Coronavirus Resource Center.

High School A-TSI PLAN:

As part of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act, schools are monitored for progress in the
following areas: achievement and growth, English Learners, graduation rate, attendance and
truancy, and college and career readiness. Based on Lebanon High School’s progress in these
areas, we have been identified as a school that will have a three-year improvement plan
(commonly known as the A-TSI plan).

Please follow this link for more information


Revised 2021-2022 School Calendar

A revised calendar for the 2021-2022 school year was approved at the School Board Meeting on March 15th. Access the calendar below.

2021-2022 Calendar