Lebanon School District receives, sorts, and disburses Incoming and outgoing mail in the District Office staging area on a daily basis. Items are delivered to our schools by school courier.  We also pick up mail from each building and return it to the district office to be sorted and processed.  Over the summer months and holidays, the delivery schedule is modified.

Buildings or departments who need to send a large mailing should notify the District Office receptionists a few days in advance, as well as submit a ticket.  This will allow us to schedule time for handling the larger mailings, as well as pick up the required mail carrier supplies.

Buildings or departments who need to send a large mailing between schools should submit a ticket to have items either picked up or delivered.

District staff needing to send a district package using FedEx or UPS should contact the Business Office to obtain the required labels.  You will need to call the appropriate carrier to notify them to pick up your item.

High School FedEx and UPS deliveries are routed through the Buildings & Grounds building, so please deliver your package there and notify Buildings & Grounds of your pick-up. All other buildings use their building office.