The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary program that is available to offer supportive services for students.  It is designed to assist students who are experiencing dramatic changes in their school performance that pose barriers to their school success.

Students can be referred to the SAP by parents or guardians, school personnel, peers, community members, or self-referrals.  Our SAP team is comprised of specially trained teachers, administrators, school counselors, and a mental health and/or drug and alcohol consultant.   The Lebanon Middle School team members include; Ms. Evans, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Lamoureux, Mrs. Lerch, Mrs. Heck, Mr. Barroso, and Mrs. Connelly.

SAP Questions and Answers Document

Referral to SAP

Use this anonymous reporting system to report threats or immediate safety concerns.


Know the SignsYouth Suicide Warning Signs

If you are concerned about someone, ask yourself the following questions.

Have they shown or shared any of the following:

 1.  Talk about wanting to die, be dead, or about suicide, or are they cutting or burning themselves?

2.  Feeling like things may never get better, seeming like they are in terrible emotional pain (like something is wrong deep inside but they can’t make it go away), or they are struggling to deal with a big loss in their life?

3.  Or is your gut telling you to be worried because they have withdrawn from everyone and everything, have become more anxious or on edge, seem unsually angry, or just don’t seem normal to you?

For more information on youth suicide warning signs, visit: