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Lebanon High School
Lebanon High School is committed to creating and sustaining an atmosphere of excellence in all aspects of learning. The administration and teaching staff believes in nurturing life long learners through a well-balanced and integrated curriculum emphasizing the importance of adapting to an ever-changing world. Lebanon High School has a total of one thousand fifty-seven students, 56% of our students come from low income families, 2% are Asian/Pacific Islanders, 6% are Black (Non – Hispanic), 38% are Hispanic, and 54% are White (Non – Hispanic). There are a total of one hundred three staff members, which includes support staff. Seventy-four are highly qualified teachers.

Staff and administration have developed an improvement plan that incorporates strategies, professional development and relies on scientifically based research that will strengthen the learning of core academic subjects.


Lebanon Middle School
Welcome to Lebanon Middle School, where achievement is our expectation for all students! We believe in providing opportunities in academics, music programs, drama opportunities, activities, and athletics. We expect and foster a safe atmosphere that promotes personalized learning and expression. Our teachers and support staff work as cooperative teams to support student learning in all facets of education. We invite and encourage the community and parents to assist us on this journey.


Harding Elementary
Harding Elementary school is the second largest elementary building in the district and implements looping in grades K5 thru 5th grade.

What is Looping and what does it have to do with me?

Looping is an educational practice in which a single graded class of children stays with their teacher for two years or grade levels. The children and the teacher remain together as the class is promoted. At the end of the second year, the children move on to a new teacher while the looping teacher returns to the lower grade level to receive a new group of students. At Harding, students and teachers in grade K5 will loop with grade one, grade two will loop with grade three, while students and teachers in grade four will loop with grade five on a two – year cycle.


Henry Houck Elementary
Henry Houck Elementary School is located at 315 East Lehman Street proudly serving 4 year-old kindergarten through 5th grade students in our neighborhood. At Henry Houck, student achievement is our goal. Our number one indicator is for all of our students to have the opportunity for college when they graduate.

100% of our professional staff are highly qualified and our teachers are experienced. Over 70% of our professional employees have achieved permanent certification.

Our school curriculum strives to meet the Pennsylvania academic standards in all content areas.  Our 2013 Building Level Academic Score is a 79.8. In 2013, Henry Houck growth scores in math were met in Mathematics significant with 100%. Our fifth graders met the writing growth expectation at 97% with significant growth. Henry Houck PSSA reading scores show evidence that Henry Houck made moderate growth in Reading and Literature with 83%. Our 4th Graders showed 84% growth on the Science PSSA Test. A truly excellent effort by all!


Northwest Elementary
Northwest Elementary School is a community that values all students, families, community members, and faculty. Teamwork is an important part of everyday life here at our school. We will continue to work together to set a tone of high expectations, clear communication, and genuine caring so that all students can experience academic success and social growth this year.

Northwest Elementary School is located at 900 Maple Street. It is the largest of the five elementary schools in the district. Our building consists of four K-4 classrooms (full day), four K-5 classrooms (full day), three 1st grade classrooms, one split 1st/2nd grade classroom, three 2nd grade classrooms, three 3rd grade classrooms, one split 3rd/4th grade classroom, three 4th grade classrooms, three 5th grade classrooms, two autistic support classrooms, three ESL teachers, and three learning support teachers. Currently 619 students are enrolled at Northwest. Teachers continually strive to create rigorous meaningful learning experiences for each student.


Southeast Elementary
Southeast Elementary School has proudly served the students, families and community of Lebanon, Pennsylvania for over a half-century. Presently, over 475 four year-old kindergarten through fifth grade students are welcomed each day. Our student population reflects the diverse population from our neighborhoods and throughout the community. Capitalizing on this wealth of influence the faculty and students of Southeast maintain a tradition of learning success, and dedicate their efforts toward providing a school environment committed to academic excellence.

Each day, students participate in a comprehensive core curriculum including literacy, math, writing, language arts, science and social studies instruction. In additional to these core classes, Southeast offers a variety of arts and wellness activities such as art, music, band, orchestra, chorus, library and physical education. Students at Southeast may also qualify for participation in after-school tutoring. For civic-minded students Southeast has a fifth and fourth grade Student Council. Southeast also engages in environmental education through the Southeast Edible Schoolyard, a volunteer led initiative that teaches students about organic farming and healthy eating.


Southwest Elementary
Southwest Elementary School is located at 1500 Woodland St.  We proudly serve approximately 460 students in grades kindergarten (4 year-olds) through 5th grade.  The mission of Southwest Elementary is to prepare all students with the fundamental education to have success in middle school and high school, so they can ultimately attend college.

Students in all grades receive clear messages about the importance of safe schools, developing appropriate social skills, learning academic skills and content, and attending school on time each school day.
Student academic progress is regularly monitored. Ongoing assessments, progress monitoring, and intervention programs, in addition to standardized tests, provide teachers with the data needed to make appropriate decisions for students.  The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT) are two of the primary assessments administered to Kindergarten students, and are used to assess student skill levels.  Students in first and second grade take the Stanford Achievement Tests and the DIBELS.