School Psychologists

Lebanon School District’s school psychologists perform educational evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services, gifted services, and 504 plans.

We also provide consultation for academic and behavioral interventions as well as prevention strategies to address our students’ needs and build on their strengths.

We collaborate with parents, teachers, support staff and administration in order to facilitate positive outcomes for our students, not only in academic achievement, but social, emotional and behavioral functioning as well.

We are here to provide support for all of our students, families, and fellow staff members with the ultimate goal of student success.

Some helpful sites we would like to offer our families include:    *(build vocabulary while helping to end world hunger)

School Psychologist Building Support
Adrian Basnight HH and LHS Psychologist
Jennifer Garver SE, LMS (7th & 8th), assist at LHS Psychologist
Kirsten Hurley Harding and LMS (6th grade) Psychologist
Ben Andrews NW and SW Psychologist