Request for Proposal (RFP) Lebanon School District Northwest Fiber Project 2017-2018

Request for Proposal (RFP) Lebanon School District Northwest Fiber Project 2017-2018

This RFP is 21 pages, excluding any attachments, appendices, exhibits, and addenda. Lebanon School District is soliciting competitive sealed proposals from Service Providers to provide leased lit fiber service, dark fiber service, or self-provisioned fiber service, complying with all terms and conditions described in this RFP. Proposals will be accepted no later than Thursday, December 21st January 4, 2018 at 1:00 PM Proposals must be submitted in the manner and in the format set forth in Proposal Format and Content, below. Bidders are expected to meet all bid requirements, so please review all documents and instructions closely.

9301257 LSD FINAL RFP E-rate WAN 2018 20171101

FY2018 Lebanon SD Form 470 C1 WAN (NW ES) 180001176  20171101

Addendum 1

This document is being posted as an addendum to the above referenced RFP and E-rate FY2018 Form 470 180001176.  Copies of this document and the documents referenced herein will be available via the USAC portal page for the above referenced Form 470.

Cost Proposal Worksheets

Cost Proposal Worksheet Option Leased Dark Fiber 2

Cost Proposal Worksheet Option Leased Lit Fiber 2

Cost Proposal Worksheet Option Self Provisioned Fiber 2

Due to a clerical oversight, the Cost Proposal Worksheets which are referenced in the RFP were not included in the original RFP posting.  They have now been posted to the USAC website simultaneous with the posting of this addendum and are a required part of the RFP response.

Extended Response Due Date

Due to the late posting date of this addendum and the cost proposal worksheets, we have extended the Response Due date included in the original RFP.  The date has been changed from December 21, 2017 to January 4, 2018.  All other dates remain unchanged.

Project Name: Lebanon School District Northwest Fiber Project 2017-2018

RFP Release Date: November 1st  2017
Questions Due: November 15th 2017
Walkthrough: November 15th, 2017
Est. Q&A Release: November 22nd 2017
Response Due: December 21st , 2017  January 4, 2018.
Form 470 Number: 180001176


RFP Questions & Response:

  • Customer Name:  
    • Lebanon SD
  • Customer Addresses:        
    • 350 N. 8th St Lebanon, PA 17042   and 1325 Old Forge Rd., Lebanon
  • Customer phone number: 
    • 717.270.6870
  • Customer contact – name/email/phone:  
    • Shawn Canady / / 717.270.6870
  • Customer desired bandwidth speed at each site (# of Mbps/Gbps) and type (DIA/Burstable/PTP):  

Address                                                  Speed (current/desired)                    current / desired connectivity type                       

350 N. 8th St Lebanon, PA 17042                SEE RFP                                              SEE RFP

1325 Old Forge Rd., Lebanon                        SEE RFP                                              SEE RFP   

  • Will you manage, or provider manage?
    • Answer depends on Service selected / We anticipate self-management
  • What is the driver/pain points ? 
    • New Fiber Service needed to connect existing and new building.
  • What apps are critical?  
    • N/A
  • Who is the incumbent?  
    • N/A (We own our own Dark Fiber Network)
  • When does their current contract end?  
    • N/A – We are requesting new service.
  • What kind of security is in place?  
    • N/A
  • Any other information you can share?
    • Please read RFP Paperwork
  • Are you looking for new services or only filing for funding?
    • Filing for new service between MS & NW.
  • What is the current budget for this solution and what are your current costs? 
    • Budget is not yet determined, district currently owns its own Dark Fiber
    • Current cost- Pole Rental between MS and Current NW Elementary.
    • We anticipate Cat 1 Funding at 90%, so our anticipated cost is 10% of the winning proposal.
  • Are we to assume LSD is going to take care of the leasing of the poles with the power company and we would just provide the pole numbers we plan on attaching to?
    • PossiblePole Numbers that may be used are provided in RFP.
    • Ideally Bidding company would provide make -ready services to prepare for Potential Fiber Run (if Dark Fiber is selected).
  • Do you want us to price home run back to the high school or just back par enough and fusion splice into the existing NW run?
    • RFP is for MDF to MDF Connectivity between MS & NW.  Connections to our existing switch should be part of your response.
  • Do you have a target price point to make this project work?
    • We are looking for the most cost-effective solution based on the RFP
  • Are you looking for a High NRR Low MRR option or an All MRR option?
    • I’m not sure what is being asked here?
  • Is there a preference for Lit or Dark Service?
    • We are looking for the most cost-effective solution based on the RFP, The district currently owns its own dark-fiber solution,
  • The proposed solution would be 100% new fiber build, not using existing fiber.  Do you know if there is another provider with existing fiber in the area that could be leveraged?
    • There is no current fiber run to NW Elementary.  This is new construction.
  • Can you provide more details around the prior work done.  Other projects.
    • District owns own dark fiber network.  Aprox. age of current fiber infrastructure 20 years.
  • When do you require we install services?
    • Specified in RFP, we anticipate site being ready in March 2018 for install
  • Do you currently have Internet at the locations?
    • The Northwest Elementary address is new construction with no current copper or fiber infrastructure.
    • The Middle school is serviced by privately (Lebanon School District) owned 10 Gig Fiber.
  • If so what Speeds?
    • See above
  • F-E 10-100 mbps
    • See above
  • Gig –  Over 100.
    • see above
  • What Carrier Network?
    • We currently own a Dark Fiber Network which we light with Cisco Switchgear as described in the RFP.
    • Fiber from the Middles School Returns to the District High School Building.
    • There is no current infrastructure for connection to the new building.
  • Wishing to gain insight into which Carrier Fiber is servicing the buildings.
    • We currently run dark fiber to the IU13 1 Cumberland building for our WAN Access.