Southeast Elementary will be on virtual learning days on Thursday, April 15th and Friday, April 16th. Please check SeeSaw for your child’s assignments both days. All students must log in and complete their assigned work to be counted for attendance each day.  For more information, click here


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Exterior view of doors and steps Southeast Elementary

Southeast Elementary School has proudly served the students, families and community of Lebanon, Pennsylvania for over a half-century. Presently, over 500 four year-old kindergarten through fifth grade students are welcomed each day. Our student population reflects the diverse population from our neighborhoods and throughout the community. Capitalizing on this wealth of influence the faculty and students of Southeast maintain a tradition of learning success, and dedicate their efforts toward providing a school environment committed to academic excellence.Each day, students participate in a comprehensive core curriculum including literacy, math, writing, language arts, science and social studies instruction. In additional to these core classes, Southeast offers a variety of arts and wellness activities such as art, music, band, orchestra, chorus, library and physical education. Students at Southeast may also qualify for participation in after-school tutoring. For civic-minded students Southeast has a fifth and fourth grade Student Council. Southeast also engages in environmental education through the Southeast Edible Schoolyard, a volunteer led initiative that teaches students about organic farming and healthy eating. For more information, go to Edible Schoolyard at SE.  Throughout the school year, friends and families of Southeast are encouraged to participate in our numerous school-sponsored activities. From movie nights, Fall Fest, the Art Show, concerts, and the spring carnival or participating in our PTT (Parents and Teachers Together), Southeast is a school built around its community.  “Like” our PTT Facebook page.   Please contact the Southeast office with any questions or concerns and we look forward to a wonderful school year.

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Mission Statement


Building on our tradition of educational excellence, the mission of the Lebanon School District is to challenge students to continually develop their skills as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


Southeast Belief Statement

The faculty and staff of Southeast Elementary School are dedicated to the belief that…

  • Our core purpose is learning and teaching
  • All children will reach their learning potential.
  • A quality instructional program requires a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching and ongoing assessment
  • Our students will be taught in a safe and secure learning environment
  • Communication and cooperation between school, home and community is vital to student success.

Southeast Pledge

Today is a new day.
A day that I promise to respect myself, others, and my school.
Learn all that I can.
Be responsible for myself, practice patience and peace, and make good choices.
A day that I will do my best.



  • Current Student Enrollment:      489
  • Average Class Size:      23 students


  • Hispanic         61%
  • Caucasian     27%
  • Multi-racial    5%
  • African-American    5%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander – less than 1%
  • Attendance Rate (2018-2019)       94%

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Positive Behavior support


Southeast Elementary School continues to remain committed to implementing school-wide Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). The Positive Behavior Support team meets on a regular monthly basis to review the implementation of school-wide interventions and focus on methods to build resiliency in children. Data is tracked through office referrals to monitor behavior trends and areas of need.

In the classroom, PBS takes the form of reinforcing positive behavior through the use of teacher language, verbal reinforcement, and logical consequences. Southeast has a school-wide incentive system in place to reinforce students that are demonstrating positive behaviors. Students may earn additional privileges through stars on their positive behavior cards. Privileges include the use of our school store, self-manager badges, and monthly celebrations.

PTT – Parents and Teachers Together

The PTT is integral in orchestrating and funding student activities throughout the school year, such as:

  • Field Trips
  • Fall Fest
  • Holiday Workshop
  • Self Manager Activities
  • School Store
  • Carnival
  • Field Day
  • Movie and activity nights

The PTT accomplishes all of this through a small, but dedicated corps of volunteers who organize and carry out fundraisers to provide the resources for all of these activities.

These services provided by the PTT allow our students to experience things that the school could not otherwise afford.
The PTT is in need of members to help in these important endeavors. If you are interested in helping, please contact