State Systematic Improvement Plan

The SSIP or State Systematic Improvement Plan is a comprehensive, ambitious, yet achievable multi-year plan for increasing graduation rates of students with disabilities.

Parent Resources: (Courtesy of Pattan)

School Attendance (English)

Summer Youth Program (English)

Summer Programs (Spanish)

Increasing Graduation Rates (English)

Early Intervention (English)

Early Warning System (English)

Alignment to CORE Standards (English)

After-school Program (English)

After-school Programs (Spanish)

Strategies for Families (Spanish)

Strategies for Families (English)

Family Engagement (English)

Family Engagement (Spanish)

Culturally Responsive Practices (English)

Culturally Responsive Practices (Spanish)

Community Engagement (English)

Community Engagement (Spanish)


For more information on the SSIP, please contact the Special Education Office at (717)-270-6726.