Lebanon School District, Buildings & Grounds employees take great pride in maintaining our buildings and grounds.  The staff has been instructed to not clean the teacher’s desks, computers, and workstations. We do not wish to risk damaging personal items or not placing things back in a proper manner.

We have also instructed our custodial staff to NOT erase chalk-boards or white-boards during the school year due to the fact that they may erase something that the teacher would have like to keep.

On a daily basis, you should expect desk tops to be wiped, trash to be removed, bathrooms to be cleaned, and floors to be spot mopped (wet or dry).  Floors are vacuumed weekly, at a minimum.

If you have a spill that requires a wet mop, please submit a web helpdesk ticket so we may plan accordingly, or call you building secretary who is able to radio your custodial staff for assistance.

Each employee is responsible to clean 25,000 to 30,000 square feet in an 8-hour work schedule. This is equivalent to cleaning 8 – 10 homes in a day. Nevertheless, our goal is to provide a safe and clean facility.

If staff needs cleaning supplies to clean their area or are requesting that their area be cleaned, they should enter a request into the web helpdesk.  Buildings & Grounds will provide labeled general purpose cleaner for you to use if you request it. Staff should not bring cleaning products from home because we are required to have safety data sheets available for all products used in our buildings per PA Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Pennsafe regulations.

Concerns about the quality of cleaning in your area should be directed to Buildings & Grounds at ext. 6732.


Checklist for Room Clean-up

Lebanon School District Buildings & Grounds staff works each summer, thoroughly cleaning our buildings. Buildings & Grounds is willing to work around summer playground, summer camps, band camps, sports teams and summer school. To assist us in being efficient, staff should be certain to place all activities on the district schedule by contacting the District Office receptionist, which is policy.

During summer cleaning, there are certain times when we are not able to accommodate visitors and/or staff into certain areas of a building. When that occurs, we will place barriers designating such areas and communicate with building principals. Areas will be reopened as soon as the floor finish can handle the traffic.  Please help us by not traveling over newly finished floors.  Honor the barriers.

Staff should not use tape, glue, staples or tacks on wall surfaces; instead, use available bulletin board and tack strips/map rails, or approved 3M putty.


  1. Do not make trash bags too heavy to lift.
  2. Recycle paper, magazines, newspaper, plastic, in your BLUE recycle bin.
  3. Remove all items from walls, cabinet faces, doors, and windows.
  4. Take home personal items including plants, animals, and personal appliances.  Remember, people are in your classroom over the summer months.
  5. Lock up District items of value.
  6. Do not overfill closets, as we need to open them to make sure no floor cleaner seeps in and contaminates your belongings.
  7. To dispose of large items, like equipment, computers, etc., use help desk and submit a ticket. Keep the item in your room and mark it once a ticket has been submitted.
  8. Do NOT throw perishables in your classroom trashcans during the summer months.  Trash pick-up is limited.  Throw them away in the hallway perishable trashcan.
  9. If you are rearranging your room for the start of next school year, let us know your plans so we can place your furniture accordingly after we clean your room.