Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI) Plan

Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI) Plan

As part of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act, schools are monitored for progress in the
following areas: achievement and growth, English Learners, graduation rate, attendance and
truancy and college and career readiness. Based on Lebanon High School’s progress in these
areas, we have been identified as a school that will have a three-year improvement plan
(commonly known as the A-TSI plan).

This plan allows us to focus on specific priorities in alignment with our five district priorities. After
surveying our steering committee comprised of staff, parents, community members, and district
office staff, we have identified our three areas of focus for the next three years. These areas are
as follows: curriculum development and revision; collaboration of staff to support curriculum
design, student data-driven decisions, and student supports; a positive behavior support system
(commonly known as PBIS).

June 1st 2021 Update

Letter Memo ATSI 3

LHS_ATSI Plan Year 3

June 1st 2020 Update


LHS_ATSI Plan_Year2 

Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI) Plan Letter from Mr. Giovino

Lebanon High School ATSI Plan